Building A Mighty And Magical Community With The Mythical Pin Club

Do you love to display your mystical and marvelous nature with spellbinding pride? If so, Mythical Studios is here to help you up your accessorizing game, with enamel pins that enchant, apparel that dazzles, and much more!

But beyond the creation of charisma-boosting crafts, our purpose is to forge a connection between everyone who recognizes a touch of the arcane or spooky as they move through the world. This is a place for community, because that which unites us is something that crosses oceans and traverses realms—the Mythical Pin Club is here to serve and connect kindred spirits internationally. Won't you join us on our quest?

Fun Signals For Fellow Spellcasters and Strangelings

Our imaginations are inhabited by the weird and the wonderful. Our veins are filled with caffeine and magic!

Yes, we see life through a creative and colourful lens, and by wearing our passions and well as living them, we can make sure that when we cross paths with another intrepid adventurer, the possibility of new allegiances can be seized!

Mythical Studios enamel pins are designed and crafted with love so that you can carry a little bit of that epic escapism with you wherever you go. As a professional prop maker and impassioned creator of fantasy worlds, I know that just a spark of inspiration can unfold into untold adventure.

With each enamel pin that I send out into the world, I hope that an ever-growing number of shared adventures can be realised—but the real is not the only place where destinies can intersect. The Mythical Pin Club provides the opportunity for you to forge fresh kinship in the virtual, too. 

Enter the Mythical Studios Discord Community

If you dream of Dungeons and Dragons-themed goodies, supernatural accessories, and meticulously made enamel pins that showcase your ethereal side, you'll definitely discover good company in the Mythical Studios discord community.

Within this hidden dimension, we not only connect over our fantasy exploits and spooky sensibilities, but each member also gets the chance to steer what manifests in the Mythical Studio workshop next, as well as snagging opportunities for first looks at upcoming drops and even exclusively bestowed treasures from the legendary Mythical Vault.

We Want Your Imagination: Contribute to the Conjuring of New Creations!

It takes a special mind to unlock enchantment and wizardry in the everyday. If you're here, then there's no doubt that a visionary mind is among your many superpowers! The creative capacity that flows abundantly in the Mythical Studios community always astounds me. In the Mythical Pin Club, we collaborate to direct that otherworldy charge into community-driven projects, contests, and more.

Are you enthusiastic to bounce big ideas with like-minded people who share your affinity for the bizarre and fantastical? Would you like to share your visions for enamel pins and potentially see those ideas made real?

If so, as a member of the Mythical Pin Club, you will not only be able to vote on original Mythical Studios enamel pin designs that would otherwise be shrouded in mystery, but when the calling comes, you will also be able to bewitch other members with your imaginings, revel in their own reveals, and hive-mind on our upcoming hot releases!

A Monthly Subscription For Limited Edition Enamel Pins

To open the portal that allows you to enter the ever-evolving realm where the Mythical Pin Club flourishes, your journey begins on the Mythical Studios Patreon Page. There, you can choose between a number of different membership options that will grant you access to the Discord community, the ability to vote on our creative strategy, and a diversity of exclusive and limited edition Mythical Studio creations.

Those who sign up for the Mythical Pin Club not only enjoy the opportunity to connect with like-minded warriors, mystics, and mages, but also to receive incredible new enamel pins, every single month. These one-of-a-kind designs will ensure that your glorious and geeky accessorizing game is always on point, and fellow spectral wanderers will always know you on sight.  

The Mythical Pin Club and Discord virtual community awaits—the quest is beginning, and the signal to assemble has been globally dispatched! Of course, whether you join our ranks or are simply passing through, the hearth here at Mythical Studios is always warm and a seat always open. Rest a while, brave explorer, and feel free to check out our many enchanted wares!

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