8 Ways to wear your enamel pins!

8 Fun Ideas For How To Wear Your Enamel Pins

We all know the enchanting feeling that strikes when we set eyes on a magical new pin that we just have to have. Be it playful and fun, intricate and mysterious, or even glow-in-the dark! Enamel pins are like tiny little pieces of treasure that lift our moods—or even transport us into other worlds! Of course, the thing about indulging in this particular accessory is that we tend to amass a mighty collection, drawing the inevitable question: Where should I wear my pins?

Happily, in recent years enamel pins are making their biggest comeback since the last epic heyday in the 1980s/90s. Yes, the trend for showing flair, or adorning ourselves with the pins and badges that express who we are, is back in full swing. And while those of us dedicated to the mythical and marvelous may not pay much attention to what's “in” at any given moment, it does mean that there is plenty of inspiration about on how to wear enamel pins.

Collectors are showcasing their creativity, and we've been keeping a mystical eye. Read on to check out some of our favourite ideas on where you can put your enamel pins.

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Jazz up the front of your favourite denim jacket!

With cult shows like Stranger Things inspiring a fresh generation to embrace retro fashion, it comes as no surprise that the collective love of denim is enjoying a sentimental come-back. Of course, a big part of that style comes from accessorizing denim in the way that any edgy 90s kid would have, which means that it's time to reach for your favourite pins.

And where can you put your enamel pins on a denim jacket? The answer is everywhere! It wasn't uncommon to see a denim jacket fully decorated with pins, so feel free to be bold in your self-expression.

Collar Pin Set for Cat Lovers with Gold Chain | Cheeky Enamel Pin Flair by  Dot & Jot – Dot&Jot

Let Your Collar Do the Enchanting

Those imagining an enamel pin look that is a little more demure or sophisticated should turn their attention to the simple collar. If you love to wear shirts with fold-down collars, placing a pin or two on each side will give that shirt a distinct flavour of sleek rebellion. Its a smaller statement that packs a big punch of curiosity-inviting cool, and we just love it.

"Hat on Hat" Enamel Pin

Catch Eyes With Your Go-to Hats and Caps

For some reason, many people overlook the boundless potential for accessorizing hats with enamel pins, but the possibilities are truly endless. Picture a row of your trusty D&D pins on the edge of your fluffiest beanie, decorating the front of a baseball cap with your enamel goodies, or elegantly adorning a jazzy trilby or pork pie hat where Pete Doherty might have once tucked a feather. You only have to decide which style is yours!

Share Your Flair: How to Wear Enamel Pins

Get Intrepid By Pinning Through Your Belt

In one of those moves that seems so ingenious, we inevitably wonder why the idea never came to us before, we've been seeing clever enamel pin aficionados placing their pins through the unused holes on their leather belts. If you like to rock a cinched waist and have a leather belt to hand, prepare to get decorating. If you don't have enough belt holes already or if you really want to go all-out, you could pick up a hole punch and add enamel pins all the way around!

Vintage Airplane Lapel Pin Badge Coat Suit Collar Accessories Brooch for Men

Make the Lapel Of Your Coat More Mystical

Revisiting a classic within the sphere of how to wear enamel pins, we'd be amiss not to mention the simple delight of a sparkly pin placed on the lapel of a coat. Of course, the coat in question can be whatever suits your style, whether it's gothic lolita tweed or a distinctly punky leather jacket. In any case, adding a few pins to your lapel is sure to make that coat unique to you.

Pumpkin ITA Bag

Spookily Accessorize Your Bag or Backpack

Enamel pins are fantastic for decorating bags and backpacks—even the most boring tote can be transformed, or you can give a bag that you used to love an arcane lift, making it feel fiendishly fresh again. And where can you put enamel pins on your bag? Well, that really depends on your spooky sensibilities! A single pin can give a formal bag a bit of edge, you can make a bold statement with a striking vertical line of pins, or you can even decorate the entire front of your backpack.

Cufflink Pins - Etsy

Flash Some Strange On Your Shirt or Jacket Cuff

Adding another low-key but decidedly dapper twist to your how-to-wear-enamel-pins toolkit, we come to accessorizing the cuff. The humble cufflink may have all but disappeared from the majority of wardrobes, but it's fair to say that none of them were as eerie or epic as the pins in your collection. Without a doubt, the cuff still represents an interesting opportunity to make a small but supreme statement. So catch eyes and start conversations by using them to spotlight the spellbinding prizes in your collection.

Dice ITA Crossbody Bag!

Showcase Your Enamel Pins With an Epic Ita-Bag

If you adore enamel pins then there's a good chance that you've encountered ita bags before, but do you know where they get their name? In fact, ita bags are the evolution of the Japanese concept itasha, which was originally applied to cars covered in fandom themed stickers.

The term ita bag (痛バッグ) can be translated as “painful bag”, with the name rooted in the pain inflicted on the bag and the owner's wallet by the displayed collection! Of course, the creatively designed ita bags that are around today don't actually feel pain, and offer a playful and interesting way to show off an amazing enamel pin collection.

So there you have it. Did any of these ideas on how to wear enamel pins surprise you? We love seeing how our creative customers and members of the Mythical Pins Club are wearing their enamel troves. Why not bookmark this blog for next time you find yourself wondering, where should I wear my pins? If you have other ideas, we'd love to hear about them!

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